Say Cheese, ABCs App now available!

Proud that my newest project, Say Cheese ABCs, is now live and available for iPhone and iPad!

This app was created by my wife, Julie, who came up with the idea of having kids learn their alphabet using customized flash cards. Say Cheese, ABCs allows kids and their parents to swipe through the alphabet and learn their ABCs and some basic spelling.

However, you can also use the camera on your iOS 6 device to take your own photos and replace the default pictures. As you go through the alphabet flashcards it will be filled with pictures from their own environment.

A few interesting parts of how it was developed:

  • had to resize the photos into two different sizes upon image selection, so that scrolling through the pictures would be smooth and the app wouldn’t run out of memory.
  • integrated facebook and twitter using the iOS SocialKit for the first time, which was actually surprisingly easy.
  • used custom transitions in order to mimic the Photo app in iOS for forward and back swipes
  • my first app that works on both the iPad and iPhone and has different nibs for each.
  • first real implementation of custom table view cells, including a different version for iPads and iPhones.
  • decided last minute to add custom nibs for the new iPhone 5 screen size.

Check it out if you have a chance or if you have kids that might enjoy it. I’ll use the Facebook page to post updates or answer any questions (also Google+).

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