Is the iOS 6 beta Stable?

I just downloaded the iOS 6 beta 1 from the Apple Developer site, despite it being a brand new release with a laundry list of bugs (see here) I thought I would see if it was stable anyways on my daily iPhone. Naturally I looked around to see if anyone had posted results yet, but information is still relatively light and opinions have yet to roll in as to whether it is stable or not.

I thought I would share some notable screenshots and any crashes that I noticed…just to help other developers (my first app; second one about to be released) who are debating whether or not they are ready to take the leap and install.

The stability of any beta is obviously not for everyday use, so take any of my thoughts with a grain of salt.

Shows the new Apple Maps logo and Passbook
Screenshot of the new UI in the Share function of Photos

Update 1 [9:21 CT]: 15 minute mark – installed, restored from iCloud backup, and now its downloading PhotoStream pictures and all my apps. 0 crashes so far.

Update 2 [12:34 CT]: Dropbox, SugarSync, Box, SalesForce, Pandora, Netflix, Apple Remote, Twitter, MLB At Bat (with video), and of course the new Maps are all working smoothly without any crashes or hangs. Most importantly, Temple Run works great.

Update 3 [9:36 CT 6/12]: No crashes so far. Made some phone calls, iMessages, emails, and Calendar invites for typical work activity and its stable enough for my needs. Apple Maps really doesn’t do turn by turn on my iPhone 4, which is very disappointing and boggles my mind.

Update 4 [10:08 CT 6/15]: Only app that simply won’t work that I have encountered is the new version of the XBox app that was just released (not surprising). Genius in the App Store is not supported on iOS 6 yet but that will come around in time. Still working just fine as a daily phone.

I also noticed that Yelp is really integrated into the Maps app in this version. For businesses who have signed up with an enhanced profile through Yelp directly, their photos and description information are showing up when you look at their business details. You can also read/write Yelp reviews as well as check-in (just a link that takes you to the Yelp app).

Screenshot of iOS business profile with Yelp content

Another quick update is to the design of the App store, which I believe was mentioned directly during the WWDC keynote. While I’m sure it will end up looking different in the final version of iOS 6, here is how it currently looks.

Homepage of the redesigned App Store in iOS 6 beta
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